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Soviet medals and pin badges lot Collections

Whole Lot Collections of Soviet medals and pin badges

We invest great efforts to bring you original, spectacular, unique Soviet pin badges and medals collections.

Collections of soviet medals and pins in a selection of different sizes ranging from 10 items to huge collections of over 500 items.

Avlaga lot collections of soviet pin badges and medals creation

We personally choose each pin or medal, after checking and verifying the authenticity, quality and correctness of each soviet pin or medal. We assemble the collections ourselves, while investing thought, creativity and adapting to the concept theme of the collection.
At the end of the process a fascinating mosaic of Soviet pins and medals is obtained that become an entire organic and uniform collection.

Avalga’s Soviet collections tell stories

Our Soviet collections of medals and pins, are unique pieces of history belonging to a power from the 20th century that is no more.

More importantly, each of our collections also tells a story. The story of the people and life in the Soviet Union.

The Soviet pins and medals tell about the spheres of life and the trajectory of the man in the Soviet Union.

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