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What is actually a collectible of Soviet Phaleristics?


Is a long-standing collectibles industry and is one of the subcategories within a broad collectibles field called numismatics.

This is an area of ​​collectibles that concentrates on collecting various kinds of medals, pins decorations etc. that have historical significance and even a geopolitical importance.

The main items that collectors focus on in this domain are decorations (military and civilian), medals, medallions, pins, badges, certificates, commemorative symbols and more.

Soviet Phaleristics

Is one of the fastest growing trends in today's modern collection world. It is a world of endless supply and a vast variety of collection options. In each of the categories of collectibles such as medals, medallions, pins, badges, decorations, commemorative symbols and certificates – exist subcategories which allow collectors to focus on different areas and thus construct exceptional collections while remaining unique.

One of the reasons that makes this collection field so popular is the wide price range of the items.

From items suitable for the beginning collector and up to rare and breathtaking items which are pursued by professional collectors, who are investing unimaginable sums per item in public auctions around the world.

And yet, one more thing is common to all those Soviet collectibles.

Each has a unique piece of history and story hidden within them.

Soviet pins collection
Soviet pins collection

The Soviet Union

The well-known Soviet Union or by its full name, the Republics of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, was one of two superpowers based in the world after World War II.

In 1991, the superpower finally broke down after a long process which originated from a severe economic crisis that it suffered from it since the mid-1980s.

In 1991, the dissolution of the Soviet Union was completed when it was divided into its constituent countries and the Soviet power ceased to exist.

Timeless Pins

Although the political entity is gone, its cultural assets are still with us. After the fall of the Iron Curtain, countries and many people got to know and learn more about what the Soviet citizen's life in the Soviet Union looked like.

The pins, medals and decorations that were most common in this life allow for a rare glimpse into a different lifestyle. This is due to the fact that the pins and medals touched almost aspect of Soviet human life.

for example:

Military Medals, Pins and Badges:

Medals and decorations for combatants in military campaigns, jubilee and memorial medals, military schools for officers and riflemen, decorations honoring veterans, acts of bravery and outstanding achievements, military units, military events and certain military campaigns. Medals and decorations for combatants in military organizations are found most commonly with regards to the Second World War, known in the Soviet Union (and in Russia today) as The Great Patriotic War. For example, one can find pins commemorating key dates such as May 9's Victory Day, Hero City pins, military and civilian bravery decorations and many others of this sort.

Political medals and pins:

A variety of pins and medals awarded to people for various roles, distinguished acts, status, awards, or to mark a particular event, relating to the political activities of the Soviet Communist Party.

Pins, badges and a medallion by Vladimir Ilyich Lenin:

The leader of the October Revolution of 1917 and the founder of the Soviet Union. Lenin led the socialist state in its early years and had a decisive influence on its development. As such, the leader and founding father - earned an endless variety of pins and medals in his character and name. Some pins symbolize a certain role and status in the party, some are commemorative pins and jubilees, and some are souvenirs or gifts.

Another enormous range of possible pins relates to the fields of culture, humanities and sport.


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