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Avalga Soviet Collectibles

Love your collection

The Soviet Union has been one of the most active parts of history.

They have left deep impacts on every event of world history. Vladimir Lenin, October Revolution, Communist party are familiar to everybody.

Lots of people want to collect the items related to the famous Soviet Union. But, unfortunately, it’s truly difficult to find authentic items of Soviet Union culture.

That’s why we have built ‘’. We have a huge store of authentic phaleristics collections of the Soviet Union.


Our online store has a safe and secure transaction process. Hence, you can shop on our website without any hesitation.

Multiple Collectibles

We have a large collection of Soviet Union medals,

USSR pin badges, Soviet pin collections, documents, and more Russian items.

You can find here big sets and medium sets of collections. Moreover, we have Soviet watches and flags. Items associated with Lenin, Red Army, 1917 October Revolution are also to be found on our site.

The best part of our site is our World War II collections and rare medal collections. You will be truly fascinated to see all these collections.

In short, we have a great collection of soviet collectibles. Hence, we can truly satisfy you. 


Unique and Authentic Collections

Many websites sell Soviet Union collections. But, they dupe their customers. 

We respect our customers. All our collectibles are 100% authentic.

That’s why you can trust us.

USSR sports, USSR cultures and every unique item related to Russian history are sold by us. Hence, if you want to buy soviet medals, then we are your perfect choice.

We make a great effort to bring our customers unique collectibles and special  items and collections.

All our pin badges, medals, orders & decorations, are 100% authentic.

Avalga offer a large range of Soviet Union unique collectible items & hole collections.

The collections and sets we offer have been collected by us with careful investment of effort and thought.
We compile the collections or sets according to a particular theme.

The following are some of the subjects of the collectible items that we offer:

-The October Revolution of  1917.

-World War II - Great Patriotic War 1941-1945.

- The Communist Party.

- Vladimir Lenin.

-The Red Army.

-The Komsomol.

-USSR Culture.

-USSR  Sport .

-USSR Education

-USSR Cites & Places .

- Civil decorations for personal gains.

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