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Avalga skill toy 'Chotki' - 'GENERAL'

Handmade fidget Toy Flippy Worry beads Rosary -(Перекидные четки ).



Materials and dimensions:



  • Natural Gemstone beads.
  • Tibetan Silver beads.
  • Resin beeswax Beads.
  • Stainless Steel Slider Oval Beads.
  •   316L Stainless Steel Hexagonal beads with black Rhinestone.



  • Length: 20 cm

  • Width: 20 mm

  • Weight: 36 g



Chotki Description

Chotki is a small skill toy which was very common and loved in the Soviet Union in the past and now in Russia and other countries in Eastern Europe. 


Flip him around your fingers and the fun time begins.
Train your skills: Coordination, Concentration, Dexterity and more...
Concentrate on your improvement and Release yor stress.
 just flip play and have fun.
Gives many moments of satisfaction, pleasure and a sense of positivity.
Flip, spin and perform amazing tricks.


Small fashionable and elegant accessory...


Chotki by Avalga:

All our chotki items are:

*Made from high quality materials.

*Designed and customized by Avalga.

*Created in individual units only, to ensure the uniqueness of the item and allow our customers the opportunity to purchase a unique item that is not mass-produce



Personal customization:

Do you have special personalization preferences? Special requests like matching dimensions, materials or even your own unique idea to the item you want us to prepare for you. Please always feel free to contact us and we must thoroughly examine any application or request.

hotki BLUE Flip Rosary Перекидные четки 'GENERAL' Gemstone beads Handmade 20 cm

SKU: 2295
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    • Asia: China, Japan, South Korea.
    • Australia

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