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Have questions? We have answers :)

Are the medals, pins and collections you sell authentic?

Yes of course. All the medals, pins and collections are authentic. All the medals, pins and collections were made in the Soviet Union.

In some collections, we use new flags, which serve as a background for the collections. But the pins and medals attached to the flag are completely authentic and original. Of course, there are collections that also include authentic flags, manufactured in the Soviet Union.

Which countries do you ship?

We ship to the following countries:

North America: United States, Canada, Mexico.

South America: Argentina, Brazil.

Europe: United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, France.

Asia: China, Japan, South Korea.


If you did not find your country, we invite you to contact us, we will look into the shipping options for your country.

How much does the delivery cost?

The price of each item, including the regular shipping cost. so there is no extra charge for shipping.

How will the product I bought be shipped to me?

Each order is sent by registered mail and after the shipment, a tracking number is entered to help the customer track the order, location and expectation of receipt.

When will the product I bought be shipped to me?

Each order will be shipped to you within 2 business day Once the order and payment are completed.

How soon will the product reach me?

Each order expected to reach the customer within 10 - 24 business days.

If I have changed my mind and not interested in the item?

Within 14 days of the item being received by the customer, the product can be returned for any reason and we will refund all money back. Of course when the product is not damaged by the customer and not used.

Is it safe to buy in your store?

The purchase is secured to the highest standards available. We do not have access and do not store payment information as our customer's.

How do I know the products are in good condition?

We perform quality control for all the items we offer for sale. Including the collectibles items, medals, pins and collections.

In all medals & Badges the needle is in good condition.

Each item is carefully packaged with great care in order to maintain the product and avoid shipping damage

If I have a problem with a product I purchased?

We make a great effort to ensure that every customer enjoys a reliable and fair purchase experience. In any case, we would be happy to be at your service and try to help with any problem or question.


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