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Avalga creative collectibles

We are happy to share with you a new and special series of items that can only be found with Avalga.

"Avalga creative collectibles"

We decided to combine Our two main passions (handmade gifts and Soviet collectibles) into a limited edition of unique products.

We offer you to get excited about an original collectible item combined with handmade in various designed souvenirs.

Every item and item is ready by us, handmade, while investing great love, thought and creativity.

Because we truly believe that combining a piece of history with creativity, really makes you

One of a kind.

Handmade Collectible Paperweights:

"Sunset of an empire"

The Sunset of an Empire is a new historical art item by Avalga. Crystal paperweight combined with an authentic soviet pin badge in sunset colors. A unique souvenir from the Empire and ideological entity that was here recently and disappeared.

Avalga Soviet keychains

Authentic and original Soviet Union pin badge Frozen in clear souvenirs. Souvenirs that have become unique keychains. That Original old memory Turning into a unique collectible gift.

Preserve a piece of true history.


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